Baked using all natural ingredients such as caraway, poppy seeds, spices, nuts and fruit, our bread is wholesome and full of flavour.

Lithuanian scalded rye

Baked on calamus leaves with caraway seeds

This traditional recipe is the most popular loaf in Lithuania, made using a scalded sourdough, which matures for several days before it is baked, giving it a unique flavour. The dried calamus leaves baked into the base of the loaf give it a distinctive fragrance and can be eaten or removed.

We love this bread as an open sandwich with thinly sliced roast beef and horseradish, creamy blue cheeses like Dolcelatté or toasted and spread with orange marmalade.

Pumpernickel bread

Dark rye with whole grains & sunflower seeds

This unusually shaped Lithuanian version of Pumpernickel loaf is ideal sliced from top to bottom or into rounds that make ideal open sandwiches.

Great toasted or freshly cut with cheese, prawns in a creamy Marie Rose sauce, trout or mackerel pâté. It can also be enjoyed with a thin layer of mayonnaise, baby spinach and flakes of hot-smoked salmon.

Russian Borodinsky

Scalded dark rye with fragrant coriander seeds

This is one of the most popular breads in Russia, first baked for troops by the wife of a Russian General during the Battle of Borodino in 1812. Made in a long 4-stage process, this is a moist, rich loaf flavoured with coriander seeds.

We love this bread with baked ham, smoked chicken and rocket or as an accompaniment to a bowl of warming soup.

Russian rye

100% rye sourdough (yeast free)

This is a classic sourdough loaf, inspired by the most popular traditional Russian bread. A very simple, yet tasty loaf – a combination of rye flour, water, salt and a little malt.

We love this bread with chopped fresh tomatoes, basil and a splash of balsamic vinegar. It’s also delicious toasted and topped with fresh homemade jam.

Light rye sourdough

100% rye sourdough (yeast free)

This classic sourdough loaf is a great introduction to rye bread. It has a wonderful thick floured crust, an open texture and a light flavour. This is a perfect everyday loaf, good with a whole combination of toppings.

We love this with smoked or poached salmon, pâtés and fruit spreads.

Dark rye with nuts

Made with rye flour, wheat flour and malt

This bread is a rich and indulgent treat. Each slice is packed with hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazils, cashews, pistachios and almonds.

The dense texture of this bread allows you to slice it thinly and serve it with cheeseboards, or spread with butter, cinnamon and a sprinkle of soft brown sugar.

Potato & caraway

Made with wheat flour, fresh grated potato, honey and
caraway seeds

This light, thick crust loaf has an aromatic flavour of caraway seeds with a hint of sweetness.

We love it with hearty soups and think it’s the perfect partner for tuna mayonnaise, smoked salmon or Red Leicester salad sandwiches – even as the base for a ploughman’s lunch. It’s also perfect with sweet toppings like jams and fruit curds or peanut butter.

Cinnamon, walnut, raisin
& apricot loaf

Made with wheat flour

A delicious sweet, wheat and cinnamon bread, made with wheat flour and flavoured with walnuts, raisins and apricots with an additional swirl of cinnamon sugar through the centre.

This moreish snack is great between meals or as a breakfast treat. We love it served simply with butter or with cheeses, especially Brie. It’s delicious toasted too.

Prune & pine nut

Made with wheat flour

A wonderfully sweet, light bread with a generous helping of juicy prunes and toasted pine nuts in every slice. So tempting, one slice is never enough.

This bread is perfect with mature cheeses, fresh fruit slices, or just lightly toasted and buttered.

Light Rye with linseeds
& caraway seeds

Scalded rye made with rye and wheat flour

A popular ‘flowerpot’ shaped scalded rye made with rye and wheat flour. This loaf can be sliced lengthways or cut into rounds. Caraway seeds are the prominent flavour and the loaf contains linseeds that are rich in Omega 3, essential for a healthy body.

The mild rye flavour perfectly complements a wide range of toppings. It is ideal with savoury flavours such as goat’s cheese and roasted tomatoes or chicken and is also perfect with spreads such as jam, fruit curd and peanut butter.


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