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“Dear Karaway Bakery, I purchased your Russian Rye for the first time this past weekend and I wanted to let you know that it is the most delicious rye bread I have had in ages.”

Cathy Ann from South London

“I was in Westfield a few weeks ago and bought the light rye bread from your bakery. It reminded me of my childhood, from an Eastern European background. The bread was so delicious.”

Helen Schreibman-Smith from London

“Dear Sir / Madam We went to Westfield, Stratford City on 5th November 2011 and bought some of your bread. Unfortunately, I decided to try some on the train journey back to Norwich.
I wish to tell you it was the finest bread I have ever tasted. It was totally wonderful!”

John Horovitz from Norwich

“Hello I just wanted to say how much I love your breads. 

I bought the pumpernickel and light rye with caraway & linseeds last weekend, both of which were absolutely delicious and kept very well.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I love Karaway - you made the whole shopping trip worth while.”

Liz from Stoke Newington, London

“Dear Sirs.
Last Saturday I was in Westfield and bought a loaf of your dark rye bread. It was the best bread I have tasted for over 40yrs, it was so fantastic that I would not risk spoiling   the taste by adding butter or any spread. To confirm to you how great the bread is today on my way home from a meeting in the   West End I got off the central line at Stratford went into Westfield an purchased 2 more loaves ( I don’t want to risk running out ). It will now be my aim to taste all your various types of bread. Congratulations.”

Sidney Cohen from London

“Just tried your seeded light rye bloomer - simply superb.
Likewise your staff at the Westfield Shop, helpful and knowledgeable.
I hope to work my way through your full range over the next few weeks.”

Paul Canal from London

“As a home baker by hobby for many years, I am hugely impressed on visiting your store at Stratford City.
Your website, store design and layout, branding and your overall stamp of quality seemingly in everything you do is a joy to behold.
My best wishes to all involved.”

Barry Clarke, London

“Hi there, I was down in London for a couple of days last week from Cumbria (The Lake District) and decided on a whim to visit the Westfield Shopping Centre. The highlights of my visti were your fantastic shop and the one nearby selling Indian delicacies. I brought some of your rolls, a poppy seed folded bread and a pie with broccoli I think! I really enjoyed your products and will recomend friends to come and see and hopefully buy from your lovely unit. Thank you so much. With best wishes in your new environment.”

Rosemary Cambell from London
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